Residential satellite map gang territories

Map of Residential District

██ Neutral territory

██ Zaibatsu territory

██ Rednecks territory

██ SRS Scientists territory

██ Prisoners (known as Prison Mafia) territory

The Residential Districts is the suburban area of the city. Among lots of appartment buildings, you'll also find a large police station, the Alma Mater State Prison, Camp Banks army base, a hydro electric dam and the shopping mall (simply called "The Mall"). The Residential District consists of five areas: the neutral area (at the east in Army Base and Arbo, at the center in Wormley and at south-west at Belmont and Morton), the Zaibatsu area (at north-east, in The Village, Xenoton and Cayman), the Rednecks area (at north-west, in Mobile RV Park, Guntersville, Disgracelands and Redemption), the SRS Scientists area (at south-east, in the SRS Research Center, Xanadu, Dominatrix, Largo, The Mall and Stromberg) and the prisoners (known as the Prison Mafia) territory at the Alma Mater State Prison on south-west