Industrial satellite map gang territories

Map of the Industrial District

██ Mad Islanders territory

██ Neutral territory

██ Zaibatsu territory

██ Krishna territory

██ Russian Mafia territory

The Industrial District is filled with all sorts of industrial buildings, ranging from factories to warehouses and from power plants to sewage plants. This district consists of 5 areas: the neutral area (north-west and west in Tedium, center at Gonad, south-central at Petula and south at the Army Base), the Zaibatsu area (south-west in Escobar, west in House of Guns, west-central at Bayano and Sennora and south at Lattero), the Russian Mafia area (north-east at Pravda and Lubyanka and north-central at Krimea), the Krishna area (east-central at Tabernacle, east at Maharishi, south-east at Vedic Temple and south-east-central at Narayana) and the Islanders (or Mad Island Mafia) area at north-west on Mad Island